Light version is out!

I just updated the game to a much more lighter and better version! 
Changelog v1.2: (Where's the v1.1?  Well I thought v 1.2 sounds way cooler,  so v 1.2 it is)

  • Characters names are displayed in most instances.
  • After every interrogation you get one more life.
  • The game is now way lighter. 
  • All the characters have now a text sound in their dialog to fit as their voices.
  • Changed text color so it's more visible. 
  • Improved BGM. 
  • Added extra dialog on certain scenes.
  • Now you can skip text by just pressing "X".
  • Fixed most grammar horrors (I hope) and also text structure. 

That would be it about the major changes I made on the light version, as for the final version is gonna take waaaaaay longer (I need vacations from this) I may release the spanish translation before the final version or after the final version, still any bugs that may present I will try to correct them right away. 

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