Hi there I'm readydotexe!

Here are somethings about this game:

  • It's my first game ever made so I'm definitely a rookie
  • It's a contestant for the IGMC 2017, if you want to rate it go here:
  • And well as a contestant I had a very tight deadline to complete the game...

So even though the game it's no broken (I hope) and can be finished pretty
quickly it has many mistakes I would like to fix, so right now I declare
it in Early Access,  so that I'll be able to finish 3 versions for this game:

Beta Version
The current version,  mistakes here and there like grammar issues (I'm a Spanish speaker) not looped music, etc.
Light Version
A soon to be released version that will correct most grammar issues,  be way lighter (Get it), among other things.
Final Version
A not so soon but no so far to be released version that will have at least:
 - More consistent and appealing visual style
 - Fixed SE
 - Alternative endings based on the score
 - Spanish translation
When this version gets released the project is complete
but it will remain free forever

Get Event Horizon Murder Case

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