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Warning: Do not read the Indie Game Making Contest 2017 Submission unless you already finished the game since it contains spoilers. 

Niles Anthony, a member of the well known Event Horizon Lab has been killed by one of his fellow members, get on the role of Duo! A retired detective that will not stop until he finds the truth behind Niles death inside the underground facility of Event Horizon where they keep their secret project...

  • Investigate the crime scene where the murder took place.
  • Interrogate and contradict the suspects of the case. 
  • Pursuit the true killer behind all the case!

(Also if you want to support me, I'll gladly accept any contribution in the monetary and capitalist way in this site: https://www.tipeeestream.com/readydotexe/donation)

Install instructions

Once you downloaded "Event Horizon Murder Case.zip" decompress it with your favorite software (Winzip in my case) and then just open "game.exe" 


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Very fun game, I really enjoyed it.

The game's (as it says above) a murder mystery where you interrogate the witnesses and potential suspects to find out who the true killer is... And while I enjoyed the game as it is, and while I can understand WHY the creator went this direction with the game, I dislike how all you do is stand in the 1 room and sit through dialogue, I would much prefer actually getting to explore the building searching for clues (Like a Clue/Cluedo video game, possibly a mix of this game and Clue) as apposed to sitting around pointing out fallacies in peoples statements... 

The game's very clearly inspired by the Ace Attorney games (as others have said) also as others have said there are some (glaring) errors in the English in the game, (as the creator is a non-English speaker this makes sense) so while it's a fun game with a nice mystery it's kinda hard to understand (at least for me) in some parts.

Overall I rather enjoyed the game and would recommend it to anyone who rather enjoys a good murder mystery.

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Guilty as charged! I'm still unsure if I make the player able to move
freely in some areas so you can investigate or to completely scrap the
idea of a map and go full visual novel, but I also think exploring the
building will be more fun as it is, fixing grammar horrors very soon!
Thank you c: !

Very fun game indeed, it is obvious that the author got inspired from Phoenix Wright series doing this game (it even has the Cross-Examination mechanics!), which is one of my favorite games from my childhood, that fact made me like this game fast; the suspense and history also builds up in a very nice pace. I think that the major issue with the game are the misspells and syntax errors, which kind of disconnected me from the game, because the history is the main aspect of it. However, if you are a fan of investigation games like Phoenix Wright and Heavy Rain, this will be a fun experience! 


I can't deny I always loved the Ace Attorney and jeje sorry for the mispells, my main language is spanish but that still doesn't excuse me for the mistakes, I'll fix any misspells once the IGMC is over 

Thank you for your review! c:

I feel you bro, my main language is portuguese and misspells are also an issue with my game, i am even considering hiring someone to correct it, lol.


I get you, not even google translate can save us anymore

Good game!


I enjoyed it. 🙂


Thank you too c: !